Individual Sessions  

                                                                $75 for 60 minute sessions

Hooves Healing Hearts offers equine facilitated group or individual sessions for people who are searching for personal growth and a connection to the horse on a more intimate level. 

We offer personalized sessions with Sharon and one or more of our horse friends. Families, teens, individuals, and children can engage with horses in a safe and encouraging environment. Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, whether that is confidence building, help with communication or developing social skills—all with the help of our horse friends and an experienced mentor. Session may include ground work and basic horsemanship, grooming, mindfulness meditations, and arena exercises.

This is a 3 hour mini retreat to encourage you to start your year on a positive track.  Participants will gain insight into how to set goals and overcome challenges.  Most of all, they will get a chance to be with other retreat members and our horse friends for a time of meditation, connection, and healing.  

  • Introduction, safety, mindfulness

  • Finding your horse friend and companion.  Grooming and bonding.
  • Learn about setting goals and overcoming challenges with arena activities.  
  • Snack.
  • Soul-journey meditation exercise with horses. This activity is to help you identify an area of growth and work through challenges in the new year.
  • Debrief

Our Teen Hooves program offers weekly meetings along with workshops designed to offer teenagers a safe place to engage with challenges of adolescence in a warm, supporting, and fun environment. Teens will have a safe place to talk about and explore topics such as bullying, leadership, confidence, anxiety, and friendship. In addition, teens will get the opportunity to learn from and connect with their horse friends. Weekly meeting will be guided by experienced mentor and counselor Sharon Cabana. No riding is involved.

Facilitator:  Sharon Cabana

New Year, New You                January 26, 2019,   4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

​           A mini horse retreat                                               $90

Hooves Healing Hearts

                Teen Hooves   
                                                  Meets weekly Fridays 6 - 7 pm                 $120 per month