Epona is the efficient task master CEO. She wants to be challenged - no matter if it is high-level dressage, jumping or eventing - anything that would keep her mind busy. She would really like to go to shows so that she can be seen in her full beauty. When questioned about her bossy ground manners, she merely shrugged and let us know that she was looking for the kind of rider who would appreciate her assertiveness.

A tune is playing in Tic-Tac's head at all times - a song about the trees and the flowers and the moon and the sun. He is a happy horse and loves working and playing with children. He enjoys making them feel safe on his back and teaching them all about horses.  

Katie is a 15.2 hands Arabian cross mare. She is a beautiful mover who enjoys working and likes to be challenged.

Sierra is a 14.1 hand 10 year old mustang mare. She is a well trained horse and has taught more adult and children how to post the trot than any other horse at Anamchara Stables. Her canter is like a beautiful little wave. Sometimes she can be a bit sassy though.

Billy is a 15.2 hand Half-Arab gelding. He is a big baby with a puppy dog personality who wants to please. He is happy doing anything for as long as he hears some encouraging words.

Bo kind of likes to do things his way. Working with his riders is fun, but every once in a while he would like to be in charge.

The faculty

The Teachers

Sierra is currently our "college freshman". She likes to hang out with the girls (Katie, Missy, and Daisy) and party. Serious studies are not really part of her life at the moment but rather gossiping about her teacher (Anke). We know that we all go through stages in our life, and that our beautiful, talented Sierra needs this phase to discover her true skills.

Epona is a 17.1 hand Hanoverian/ Thoroughbred mare. She is huge. She can have bossy ground manners, but once under saddle she is just wonderful. She really enjoys her work and her riders enjoy her powerful movements combined with her calm demeanor.

Roy is a professional. He knows what his job is and takes his work very seriously. He knows that he is good at it - no matter if it is dressage or jumping. As a professional he doesn't like to be micro-managed. He wants to be respected and work together with his rider as a team of professionals.

Calvin just loves to cuddle with you.  He loves your attention no matter if it is under saddle or on the ground.  He likes to show you how much fun cantering is but also just enjoys walking with you.  He is new to the lesson business but feels like he will be a wonderful teacher.

Billy is a very happy horse who likes to go out on trails. He feels most fulfilled when he can be a guide horse who shows people the beauty of this world - like the little birds in the trees.

Bogart (Bo) is a 15.3 hands paint.  He is a great horse for learning cantering.

Anamchara Stables

Roy is a 16.2 hand Thoroughbred gelding with a very youthful disposition. He is the mellowest Thoroughbred you can imagine. He enjoys working with riders of all levels and disciplines.

Ceili is a 15 hand very pretty and talented Thoroughbred mare. Her name reflects her most striking talent: a beautiful trot which will make you feel like a very active dance.

Katie is our princess. She knows she is pretty and and can do great things. She is looking for her special rider who will work with her to develop her skills so that together they can shine in competitions or just simply in the arena and be that special team that would be appropriate for a princess.

Cody is very confident of himself.  He knows that he has learnt a lot in his life and is excited about any new challenge.  He is ready to go and do it! 

Tic-Tac is a 15.3 hand paint gelding probably with Appaloosa background. He is as sweet and cuddly as Luke and Roy but a little more laid back. Tic-Tac is a talented and well-trained dressage horse but also enjoys some jumps. His smooth canter is to die for.

Cody is a 15.2 Quarter/Arabian.  He loves to work.

Calvin is a 16 hands thoroughbred gelding.  An awesome guy who just loves to teach you basic dressage skills and cantering.

In their own words.  Animal communicators Thea Strom and Michelle Levesque interviewed our horses.

Missy is our smallest horse and surely our fastest if you let her.  A Morgan at heart, she is fast as a bullet but safe and dependable. 

Why we love them

Happy-go-lucky Missy really enjoys life and enjoys playtime with her rider.  Just watch out that your idea of playtime matches hers.

Ceili is the shy girl who blushes when we tell her how pretty she is, no matter how often she hears this complement. "Who? Me?" She showed us a pretty flower - of course in the color pink. Ceili would really love to have a special someone in her life, somebody who comes to the barn just to see her and give her the love and attention she longs for.