Yes, horseback riding is fun. But it's more than that. If we use a horse for our own self-gratification and show success, then we really miss out on the greatest gift that these creatures can give us.

At Anamchara Stables we look at the wholeness of our life. We want to offer three components for our clients:

Anamchara - a soul friend.  A friend who helps us in our own personal/spiritual development.  We believe that a horse is such anamchara - horses work with us, steadfastly, always encouraging us to take the next step in our personal development.‚Äč

Reverence for Life

Thin places.  The Celtic tradition believed in thin places, places or moments where our life touches the divine.  We want our property and our horses to offer such thin places to our visitors, a place where your soul can find the nourishment you need.

Community.  We need the community of other humans, friends we can trust and build human relationship with.  At Anamchara Stables, we offer many community building events.  We also have a community room for gatherings and simply enjoy hanging out together in the barn.